Aaaaaaand We’re Here!

Finally! The first version of FishThe.US is here!

Drew and I would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our site. We’ve been waiting quite some time to get here and we hope we can form an amazing community of anglers from all around the United States. Who knows – maybe we’ll go international one day! No matter what our goal will always be to promote the sport of fishing and create a community for anglers to share their stories, techniques, gear reviews and any other kind of fishing news.

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate Drew on the purchase of his new boat! I provided a photo of us and our buddy J.C. running the boat while participating in the Coastal Conservation of America Florida Chapter Talkin’ Trash Tournament 2014 in the Indian River lagoon system. The guys over at Hell’s Bay Boatworks did a pretty good job making a good time out of cleaning the environment. The most weight in trash collected won some nice small prizes. If I remember correctly, all teams combined collected 1109 lbs of trash out of the area in one day. We also found a nice little flat with a bunch of little trout that ended up hitting our top-water lures most of the afternoon.

Thanks again for finding our blog! If you ever want to leave us any comments or feedback, feel free to contact us via email at