Trying Something New

Girls who fish are awesome. I brought my friend TJĀ out on the water to see if it would be something she would enjoy. I was skeptical that she would be able to pull it off and she ended up surprising me.

I’ll admit, I hadn’t had too much luck out on the kayak. Ever. It has definitely been a learning experience and I still have a long way to go. This day is one I’ll never forget. This day was full of fish. Some of these fish were also quite impressive. Here’s a little preview of what the day looked like.




Look at all the spots on that red!

Noticing a pattern? She caught all the fish! And they were beautiful fish too. I’d never caught a redfish from a kayak before and she managed to do it in a matter of minutes! Lucky girl! That’s alright though. I changed it up a little bit after a while and I finally managed to catch one of my own!


That sure is what it looks like! My first redfish from a kayak! It was a little fighter too! I had no idea it was a red until I got him next to the boat. I’ve decided I’ll invite her out on the water another time!