This Girl Can Fish!

After one successful day on the water with my friend TJ I decided we needed to get back out there for round two! I figured we’d use the same strategy as before and use shrimp, but the fish appeared to lose their appetite for shrimp. After a while we actually got a bit frustrated so I decided to change it up and start using a top-water lure. Then, BAM!


One of the largest trout I’ve ever seen hits my line and creates an explosion of water as it hit the lure. It was seriously one of my most exciting moments in fishing. This fish sure was beautiful. I also managed to bring in a handful of little guys throughout the day. Unfortunately, none of them were redfish.




After a while of me catching all the fish, she wanted to change it up and use my top-water lure since I was catching all the fish this time. Then… this happened.


She wins. That was probably the biggest trout I’ve ever seen.