Serious Fishing Equals Serious Results

Drew and I took his ActionCraft out on the water to do some serious fishing. We mapped out some spots that we thought to be good spots based on past experience. Drew just got a new push pole so we made sure to be extra stealthy to hunt the fish. I can’t say we did that great of a job sight fishing because all the fish we caught were on blind casts, but we probably wouldn’t have caught those fish if we weren’t as strategic as we were.

The weather was beautiful. It was a bit cold first thing in the morning but as soon as the sun came up it was sunny with a nice cool breeze all day. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fishing day.


Within the first 30 minutes or so I landed this red. At first I had no idea he was a red. I thought it was snagged on something, but he hit my top-water and stirred up the water quite a bit so I knew there had to be something on the end of the line. Then I started thinking I hooked the fin of a huge ray or something because it was coming in like a log. Then I realized it was a pretty decent red. It was almost like he had no idea he was hooked, he was just going to go on about his way after his breakfast. When we got him close to the boat is when he realized he was caught and put on a pretty fun fight. He dragged a pretty decent amount of line out of my reel several times before Drew managed to get the lip grips on him.




Just around the next bend I managed to hook onto this pretty cool speckled trout. He put on more of a fight right off the bat. I love how these guys hit the top-water lures. They don’t always get it on the first try, but when they do finally hit it, it’s almost like the fishing gods slow down time so you can see them jump out of the water and splash all over the place.


Drew also managed to pull in a redfish on this trip!


Throughout the rest of the day all we saw were a handful of small speckled trout. It was such a wonderful day on the water.


In the end, the serious approach produced some serious results!