Post-Graduation Trout!

I graduated from UCF with my master’s degree this weekend. To celebrate Drew texted me and arranged a fishing trip out in the Indian River Lagoon with he and his wife, Laura.┬áTheir work keeps them very busy so whenever I get a chance to see them I┬átake advantage of it. It was a beautiful day out, but wow it was HOT! While we were trolling around Drew managed to spot a school and some of the largest redfish either of us have seen. They disappeared quickly and we struggled to locate them. I may have had one attack my top-water lure about an hour after we first saw them, but he missed the lure and disappeared just as quickly as he hit the surface. We also foolishly lost some trout next to the boat, but we touched the liter on both occasions so that counts as a catch right? After all that, we did manage to bring one decent fish into the boat that day.




And Laura managed to catch a really small trout on a pretty decent sized spoon.