Fishing the Surf at Playalinda Beach

Had a really fun day fishing at Playalinda Beach. I’m not the biggest fan of the “throw your line out there and wait” style of fishing, but I hadn’t done it in a while and I thought my friend TJ would enjoy it. So we packed up all the gear, stopped to buy some bait and drove to the beach. Although we didn’t catch anything extraordinary, we had a really fun day watching the fish hitting the top of the water inside of the sandbar and casting in those areas to real in what we could hook.


2014-07-13 Fishing John 5


2014-07-13 Fishing John 3

My Dad even found a little pompano! Hopefully we see some more of these in the future. This one was a little small, but we cooked up the last one he caught a few years ago and it was amazing!