The mission of FishThe.US is to provide a platform for anglers all over the country to share the their fishing ideas, experiences and techniques with anyone interested in the sport.  FishThe.US invites you to become an author! Join our team and contribute to our fishing reports, equipment reviews and fishing news. We want anglers to network, join together and FishThe.US!

History of FishThe.US

In May 2013, two guys living in Orlando, Florida decided they wanted to fish more often and they wanted to document their experiences. By collecting the time of year, location, bait, and other details about their trips they could determine how to better prepare for future fishing excursions.

One of those guys was John Sexton. John grew up in Northern Illinois fishing in ponds and creeks for bass and panfish. From time to time he traveled north to fish in Wisconsin with his uncle.  In 2005 he moved to Central Florida to attend college. A few years later he met Drew Rossi. Drew introduced John to fishing the inshore areas of the east coast for Red Drum and Speckled Seatrout in the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoons from kayaks and shallow water skiffs. This is where the addiction started.

Drew Rossi grew up in Southwest Florida hunting for Red Drum in Charlotte Harbor with his father. In 2007, he relocated to Central Florida to attend school and obtained his first shallow water skiff. The two guys and some of their friends planned camping and fishing trips between their studies and learned that different waters means a whole new ball game. Drew and his Dad may have mastered the waters in Charlotte Harbor, but the fish of the east coast require a whole new strategy.

In conversation about boats and fishing, the idea of creating a fishing journal came up. They imagined creating a platform that would allow them to refer back to previous fishing trips to find patterns of what types of baits worked best for different species of fish at different parts of the year in different weather conditions. Being a web designer, John immediately suggested they start a website for the two of them to start documenting their experiences on the water. During development, the two decided it didn’t make any sense to limit access to this platform to the two of them. They decided to open it up to anglers everywhere and attempt to start a community that could track their fishing experiences and share their ideas and techniques with everyone.

It only took a few days until the first version of FishThe.US was born. The website went directly into development and launched in November 2013.